• Traditional sweeping of chimneys and flue's 
  • Deep cleaning of chimneys and flue's using the latest Power Sweeping equipment. (Power Sweeping removes more of the dangerous build up of creosote and tar which can cause chimney fires.) These deposits can also cause damage to the inside of your chimney leading to expensive repair bills.
  • Supply and installation of safety equipment including:-
  • Log burner stove thermometers (to ensure your burner is always burning at a optimum teperature)
  • Carbon Monoxide sensors/alarms. (to protect you and your family  from the possible dangers of Carbon Monoxide created by your applience.)
  • Smoke Alarms (warning you of any potential fire or fume filled room.
  • Rain cowls (To stop rain water entering the chimny which can cause acids to damage the chimney interior)
  • Bird stop cowls (so no bird nest can be created in your chimney)
  • A veriety of other chimney cowls to help prevent smoke blowback, or to help increase the pull of your chimney or flue.
  • Advice about air ciculation and safe use of your fire or other solid fuel applience.

A Clean Sweep

I am a registered member of the Chimney Sweep Academy and all chimneys are swept as per their code of practice. I use traditional brushes and the latest power sweeping systems. I also use a specialist vacuum cleaner that has a special filtration system preventing any soot, dust or fumes from entering the room. 
All carpets and furnishings are covered and the fireplace area is sealed to ensure your room is left as clean as when I arrived.
I sweep all open fires, multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, Aga and Rayburn appliances.
I can also remove birds nests  and other chimney blockages.
Prices start from £40 for a chimney sweep, smoke test and certificate. I offer a discount if you have more than one chimney that needs sweeping in the same property or if you and a friend or neighbour want your chimneys swept on the same day.

Services on offer

Professional Chimney Sweep Services